Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assault on Black Reach Paint series!

If you haven't seen the series, or you haven't seen it from the beginning here is the current list of videos in the series:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

This series is geared towards beginners, so don't expect to become the greatest painter from the assault on black reach series. As the How to Paint Miniatures continues on, you'll get better and better.

Hopefully you enjoyed!

Cheers, Gary.

2011! Restart!/2012

I've decided to Restart/ Revamp this old thinger!

2011/2012 Has lots of things to come.

I'm going to be pushing my commission business, trying to get that going so i can hopefully do that full time.(which would mean i can post more painting videos)

I have lots of videos planned for the future, and my goals for them are to make them as professional as possible.

With the end of the Assault on Black Reach painting series(which is geared towards beginners) I'm going to go straight into Redoing My techniques videos.

For the business, i have purchased many vallejo paints, which will slowly keep getting bigger and bigger, until i own them all! They are fantastic. I own paints from all three lines, Model colour, Game Colour, and Model Air. I've also bought some of their liquid gold line, and quite a few of their "auxiliaries" line(Varnishes, mediums, primer etc.) and i plan on doing extensive video footage of these products, as one of my pet peeves, is going to buy a product, and not being able to find alot of information on it. There are videos out their using they're product, but no in depth "this is what the product is like/ Heres how to use it" And i feel i can fill that gap.

I will also be posting Wip's here, of armies or any model i paint up.

All in all, i have lots planned for the future, and hopefully you'll support me, and follow along!

Gary, Obsidian Painting

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey guys, Welcome to Obsidian Painting's Blog!

We are going to talk about all the things we are doing on here!